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Advancing excellence in the roofing industry

Welcome to ARCA

We are an industry Association of recognised Master tradesmen dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of workmanship, business ethics and customer service in the Australian roofing industry.

We offer training and support for roofing contractors and provide a central database for roofing information, updates and news. Our resources are relevant for roof tiles, slate roofing, copper roofing, metal roofing and so much more!


We strive to provide knowledge and resources for everyone - whether you're an experienced roofing contractor, an apprentice roof tiler, or a homeowner.

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Our Partners

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About Us

In 1936 a group of Roofing Tilers saw a need for such a movement and so formed the Master Slaters, Tilers & Shinglers Association, the name reflecting the influence of the various roofing materials at that time. Recently the name was changed to coincide closer with today's material usage.

During the eighty plus years of our existence, we have maintained continuous service to our members even throughout the war years and are regarded as financially sound and member oriented.


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