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We Have A Roof Inspection Service

Our Association has for many years carried out independent roof inspections on behalf of Owners, Builders and Roofing contractors. At all times we stipulate to owners and builders that to remain Independent and unbiased we not to be told the Roofing contractor's name.

All inspections are carried out by Master Tradesmen who have qualifications and experience in all aspects of the installation of Concrete and Terra Cotta Roof tiles, Slate Roofing and Timber and Terracotta shingles.

At all times our Assessors refer to current Australian Standards along with current Industry practices. Prices for inspections vary due to height, pitch and product on the roof and, as we are a not-for-profit Association, payment is required on the day of the inspection.

Should you have any queries relating to an inspection, please send an email to along with your contact details and the reason for an inspection.

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