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Code of Ethics

A Quality Safeguard for your Investment

  1. We regard our customers as our most valued asset.

  2. The Roofing Industry Association of NSW Inc. is committed to promoting the highest standard of workmanship and conduct of its members within the building and construction industry and within the home building sector in particular.

  3. Members will conduct their business in a fair, honest professional and ethical manner.

  4. Members will provide mutual support and assistance to all other members of the Association.

  5. Members will conduct their business in a manner that enhances the reputation of the industry and ensures that by fair and genuine competition the public always receives the best possible value of workmanship and service.

  6. Members will give accurate up-to-date informed product information and advice to clients within the area of knowledge reasonably expected of a competent Master Roof Tiler or Slater.

  7. Members will comply with all regulations, by-laws and any other statutory requirements of such proper constituted bodies that have authority over the building and construction industry.

  8. The Roofing Industry Association of NSW Inc. seeks to rely upon self-regulation as a cornerstone of discipline, encouraging members to use their best endeavours to ensure compliance by partners, associates, sub-contractors, employees and apprentices.

  9. The Roofing Industry Association of NSW Inc. is dedicated to encouraging the highest quality of education and training that recognises prior learning and rewards competence.

  10. Members seek to promote the goals and aims of the Association by adhering to the principles of this code of conduct and by refraining from criticising or damaging the reputations of their competitors.

  11. Membership is conditional on acceptance of the code in its entirety.

The Major objectives of the Code are:

  • To provide guidelines of good practice for the marketing of roof tiling services.

  • To promote the highest standards of workmanship amongst the Association members.

  • To encourage consumers to use the services of the Association members.

  • To encourage an acceptable standard of behaviour amongst members.

  • To provide an educational role for training of apprentices.

  • To promote a sense of security to the general public that the Association has an effective self regulatory method of handling complaints.


  • The executive of the Association following a complaint against a member may :
    Negotiate with the interested parties.

  • Determine the nature of the complaint.

  • Determine who is responsible for the complaint (client, member or other party).

  • Recommend without prejudice any course of rectification that may be necessary.

The Association
The Roofing Industry Association of NSW Inc. is an industry Association of recognised Master tradesmen dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of workmanship, business ethics and customer service in NSW.

Since 1936, only recognised Master tradesmen who have the strict requirements laid down by the Association are eligible for membership. Central to this membership is strict accordance to the CODE OF ETHICAL CONDUCT.

Ethical Business Practice
In dealing with the Association, you can be assured of RESPONSIBLE ETHICAL CONDUCT.

Training for the Future
The Roofing Industry Association of NSW is dedicated to training future tradesmen through a National competency-based system that recognises prior learning and provides a career path for dedicated trades-persons

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